Acquisition & Renovation

Short term financing for the acquisition of a property as well as financing of the renovation costs in one loan. Exit plan should be to renovate and resell, or improve and rent with refinancing out to a longer term loan. Prior renovation experience as well as the renovation budget and scope of work on your project will dictate program availability. These loans typically close in 15 Business days or less.

TERM: 12 Months

ARV: Up to 65% of Appraised ARV

Credit 680+

LTC: Up to 85% of Total Project Including Acquisition & Renovation Costs


3 MO+ Interest Reserves Required

Loan Amount: $100,000 – $1,000,000

One Loan Including Acquisition & Renovation Costs

No Pre Payment Penalty

Investment Properties Only

Must Be Held in An Entity

No Owner Occupied Properties

Residential 1-4

Typically 14-21 Days to Close